Overseas Clients

For an International Carpet Manufacturer in U.S.A.:

Time to Revenue (TTR): A Product development Management package. Developed using Java, Websphere and DB2.

For a Civil Engineering Company in Uganda:

Integrated Business System (IBSys): An Integrated package comprising of Inventory, Financial Management and Payroll. Developed using Visual Basic and SQL Server.

For a BIG6 Organization in USA:

International Compliance (IC): International Taxation System for ensuring compliance with US Taxation Laws developed using VC++, Gupta SQL, Lotus Notes. QA Partner, a testing tool was used for exhaustive testing.

International Manager (IMW): A Conversion Project for converting a DOS based International Taxation Package to Windows platform and using VC++ and dB_Vista.

For a Transportation Company in USA:

Innovative Transportation System (ITS): The application was developed for Tanker / Truck Movement Industry on AS/400 using RPG/400.

For a Professional Services Organization in USA:

CHARMS: Human Resource Management System is developed for our associates Capricorn Systems Inc., a INC 500 Company, Atlanta. CHARMS is developed in JAVA (Visual Café Pro 2.0) using Objective blend controls and Objective Grid and SQL Server 6.0 as the back end on Windows NT.

For a Database Publisher specializing in worldwide travel information:

ASBRP: Airline System Batch Rehosting Project is an application for Rehosting Mainframe Cobol application to SUN Solaris with MF ObjectCobol. The Y2K remediation was carried out using MF Soft Factory /2000. Mainframe JCL's were converted to Shell Scripts with a tool developed internally.

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